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Why Us?

So why would you want to consider us for buying your Standard Poodle? Simply put: We do it right!

Can you pick out the happiest face of the three?

We start with dogs that come from long lines of Champions. We do not show, however, we work with show people who help us pick out the right puppy that would, in their opinion, be the next star. They would grow up to meet the standard for Poodles.

Meeting the standard, having the right balance, grace and gait, is what makes a beautiful Poodle.

Here is what we breed for:

  1. Temperament. We search through the lines to find the ones that produce the right temperament. Temperament is first with us. Our goal is to produce the best canine companion that has not just beauty, grace and poise, but also intellect, confidence and the ability to bond for life.
  2. Health. Once we have found the right lines (and this is hard work with trials and errors) we then needed to know and carry out ALL the health tests that are required to make sure these beautiful Poodles are breed-able.
  3. Breed Standards. We go beyond the acceptable list because we have found that more knowledge and testing would help us even more to choose the right Poodles to breed. We want to better the breed. We want you to have not only a beautiful Poodle but a healthy Poodle. We are Responsible Breeders.

Essential to know when selecting the best new family member

  • We are not a kennel. We only have a couple litters a year. Our Poodles live with us. Our litters are raised in our living room. We start grooming at two weeks. At four weeks we start their training program along with their continued grooming program. Poodles are born to groom and love all that attention.
  • We do not leave the daunting task of choosing a puppy to you. Rather we get to know you and what you require in a companion and then together we choose the right puppy for you. If you need or desire more training before taking your puppy home, we provide this. Of course for a fee for this is an added service.
  • You and your puppy leave with a Puppy Bag that has all kinds of goodies in it from toys, shampoo, leash, food, etc.
  • When you take your puppy home we do not ‘drop you’. We are with you for the life of your Poodle and here to help you along the way with any problems that may arise.
These are just a few reasons Why Us! We would love to discuss more with you.