Black – Male  Standard Poodle

Born  May 11, 2018

Alex is a beautiful Standard Poodle. He is a sweet loving boy who wants to please. He also makes us laugh with his unique personality. He will make a wonderful companion. He has finished his Basic Training. He knows all his basic commands, is lead trained, crate trained, which he loves to go to his crate and take his naps. He sleeps through the night. He lets you know when he has to go outside. Everyone loves him and he loves everyone.

Volhard (Puppy Aptitude) Test Results:

Social Attraction:  3

Following:  3

Restraint:  3

Social Dominance:  3

Elevation Dominance:  3

Retrieving:  4

Touch Sensitivity:  1

Sound Sensitivity:  3

Sight Sensitivity:  3

Structure:  G