Keeping the Looks Up


First let us consider the Poodle’s coat. Poodle hair is a single layer of a mixture of soft and wiry fur that curls. Some Poodle’s coats are curl tightly, some are curled loosely and wavy. Poodle hair sheds very little.

Yes, I know that the phrase non-shedding is used to describe so many breeds and mix breeds, however, there is no such thing as hair that does not shed. Poodle hair does not shed out of coat. The shedding hair stays in the coat and twists around the curls causing matting if not brushed regularly. So in most cases there will be no hair on the floor. Sometimes if the Poodle is a heavy shedder, yes, you heard me correctly, you will see little tuffs of hair on the floor.

Because Poodle hair is a single layer coat and curly, it will fluff out and become poofy when cleaned, brushed and blow dried. The poofy, puffy look of a clean Poodle’s coat is necessary in the grooming process for a groomer to give the dog a nice even cut.

From a clean coat any look is possible with a Poodle. This is really the fun part of owning a Poodle.

The Poodle is a very high maintenance breed, but the cost of grooming is a small price to pay for canine companionship that is without equal.

Unlike other animals, which have fur, the Poodle’s coat is actually hair, similar to that of a human, and it never stops growing.  In young puppies, their hair is soft and can vary between soft waves to pronounced curls. As the puppy grows, so does the time required for grooming.

As the Standard Poodle puppy matures, he will go through a coat change. When this occurs varies from dog to dog, but it usually happens when the puppy is between 9 and 18 months. During this coat change, it may be necessary to brush your poodle on a daily basis to prevent him from becoming matted. This stage is usually when the groomer will suggest a short coat cut, especially in the hot summer months.

This brings up the subject of the changing seasons. One needs to realize that in the hot summer months the length of the coat will effect the body temperature. We love having different looks for our Poodles. In the summer they have fun, short cuts, while in the winter we usually have the more sophisticated looks.


Grooming is an important element in owning a poodle. Either you will find a good groomer (this may be harder than you think), or you will want to do your own grooming.

If you are interested in learning how to groom your poodle, here are a few things you should know.

  • Grooming takes patience and understanding.
  • Fortunately there are some wonderful video training courses and books that can aid you along the way.
  • If you live within a reasonable mile radius of me I offer customize grooming courses: hands on learning.

Even if you do not plan on doing your own major grooming there are basic grooming tips you will want to implement weekly, perhaps even daily. Remember, Poodles are born to groom. They love all the attention and this is a wonderful bonding time for both of you.

Here is a list of items to have on hand if you are just going to keep up with the in between grooming:

  1. Slicker Brush with soft bristles for puppies
  2. Greyhound or Poodle comb
  3. Ear cleaner

Here is a supply list for what you will need if you wish to get started with a basic Kennel/Puppy Clip:

  1. Clippers (there are corded and cordless)
  2. Clipper blades
  3. Clipper coolant and cleaner
  4. Slicker Brushes
  5. Greyhound or Poodle Comb
  6. Nail Clippers
  7. Styptic powder
  8. Ear cleaner
  9. Ear powder
  10. 8 inch straight and curve shears

All these product can be purchased online.

Video Training Course

  • I recommend i Jodi Murphy’s.

Grooming supply products:


Below are examples of Poodle Cuts. Yes, I included Show Cuts. However, realize that even show people, when done with the show will usually put their Poodle in an easy to manage pet cut of some style. I also included a Retriever Cut. I am sure you can pick that one out.

Retriever Cut
Medium Pet Cut