We offer training!

For those of you who would like a puppy with potty training, crate training, house training and basic command training implemented before transferring to your home there are a  few slots available with each litter.

Basic Fast Start Training is a two week program that starts at $2500.00 plus $5 daily food and supplements.

Advanced Training Program which is 4 weeks and starts at $4500.00 plus $5 daily food and supplements. This program can be tailored to your individual needs.

Puppy Training Program for those of you who live in South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina in what is referred to as the foot hills of the Smoky Mountains, a puppy training program can be tailored to meet your needs.  Cost will be determined according to individual needs and wants.

Tailored Puppy Training Program. Tell us what you want us to teach.
Here are some of the Commands that we use and we suggest you use:

What are the Basic Commands?

  1. No
  2. Sit
  3. Stay
  4. Down
  5. Off
  6. Leave it
  7. Drop
  8. Come
  9. Heel
  10. OK

When commands are used:

  • No – use at anytime that you do not want him to do something.
  • Sit – use anytime you want him to sit, or be still. Use also with the Come command. When you call him he should come and sit in front of you. He then knows what he needs to do after he has done the first command of Come. You can also use the Come command and the Sit command with the Stay command.
  • Stay – this command is in a beginning stage. This command should continue until he knows that he has to stay until he hears the OK command. Continue this command by making him stay longer and longer. Make him stay and then leave the room for a short time and then come back; make him wait and then release him with the OK command.
  • Down – the Down command we use for the puppy/dog to lie down.
  • Off – command we use for not jumping upon a human or on an object, like the couch.
  • Leave it – we use with a stern voice to let him know that he cannot have or do something. For example, he picks up something outside that you do not want him to have say Leave It! If he wants to play to rough or fight or any such unacceptable manner this command is good.
  • Drop – We use this when we are playing, for example, with the ball. When he comes back with it then say Drop. The voice inflections are different when you use the Leave it command.
  • OK – is used as the release command.
  • Come – use anytime you want him to come. This command should be a continued learning so that no matter what he is doing when you tell him to Come he should come.
  • Heel – this means that when you say Heel he should come by your side (we train on the left side). This should evolve to both on the leash and off.

Training is a continual workout. Never feel like you have completed a training course. The dog will always need refresher courses.