Are you looking to adopt a trained poodle puppy? At Poodle Mojo, we offer training for all poodle puppies prior to being placed in a new home. Check out all of our available puppies below.

When it comes to training your puppy before he or she comes home with you, some of the things we cover are potty, crate, house, and basic command training. We offer a few training programs for our poodle puppies: our Basic Fast Start, Advanced Training, Puppy Training, and Tailored Puppy Training Programs. To learn more about each of these, check out our training page.

Our goal is to raise trained poodle puppies that are healthy, beautiful, and personable as well. Poodles are known for their loving, loyal, and intelligent personalities, so when they have undergone training as well, they make the perfect family pet!

If you’re interested in learning more, check out our cute trained poodle puppies, and make sure to get in touch with us as well. We will be happy to go over any questions or concerns you have so you can welcome your poodle puppy with open arms!

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Ali is our little clown. He makes us laugh because he is such a happy boy. He is learning all his basic commands, walking on a lead and sleeping through the night in his crate. He plays well with his litter mates and his older poodles. He is learning that ‘outside’ (the command given) is where he must go potty. He is up to date with his vaccines and deworming. He has been Vet Checked. He is available at this point with Basic Training for $3500.



Salty our spine when he gets excited. We love to watch him. He puts a smile on our face. He loves to play with his toys making up his own rules. He knows all his commands. However, at eating time he can’t help that he has to do his little dance before he sits and waits for his bowl and the ‘OK’ for him to get up from his SIT positions and eat. He loves his food! He is in Basic Training learning both his verbal and hand commands. He walks on his lead and sleeps in his crate at night and nap time. He is learning his Potty command very well. He is available for $3500 at this point. He is up to date with vaccines and deworming and has been Vet. Check.



Alice is our talker. She loves to greet with a ‘hello’. She is fun and loves to play. However, she is also a very loving little girl. She will just lay in one’s arms and look up with such contentment of being loved and cuddled. She is smart as can be. She is so good walking on her lead so she would like a family that loves to take walks. She is doing excellent with her Basic Training. She knows all her commands both verbal and hand signals. She sleeps through the night and is quit content in her crate. She is learning that ‘outside’ means going out to potty. She is up to date with her vaccines, deworming and Vet Check. At this point she is available with Basic Training for $5250.



Ashley is a little more reserved but a very loving girl. She loves to be with her human and cuddle. She loves to use her paws to communicate. So we are teaching her how to communicate with her paws. She is a very sweet baby and loved by all. She is in Basic Training and walking on her lead, sleeping through the night, potting outside and knows all her basic commands both verbal and hand signals. She is up to date on her vaccines, deworming and has been Vet Check. She is available at this point for $5250.



Captain is our little Clown. He loves to spin when he is exited or wants to go outside. He loves to tease and play. However, when no one wants to play he is quite content creating his own games. He makes us laugh. He would love to be with an active family. One wonderful attribute he has is he is gentle around older people. He is available with basic training for $3500.



Rivers can be dignified one moment and the next silly as can be. She loves people and loves to be involved with all the activities going on. All is forgiven because she is such a sweetheart and loves to be loved. She would be wonderful for either a single person or family. She loves all her sibs and aunts and uncles, especially she loves her Grandpa Bentley.

She has entered our Advanced Training and can be available after mid October for $7300.



Knots is our very intelligent boy. He watches and then he says, ‘I can do that.’ He is playful, loving and extremely smart. He plays well with his sibs, older brothers and of course mama, grandfather and everyone else. He could, with proper training, be a wonderful Service Dog, Emotional Support Dog or of course a true companion. He is in Advanced Training and can be available after mid October for $7300.

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Pricing depends on their training program. They all will have Basic Training, however, some will have more Advance training. If a puppy only has Basic Training and you would like more Advance Training this can be arranged. Price will be set after we have discussed where you want the Puppy training to be advanced to.