We have tried to be as comprehensive as possible on this website. Most people who come to this website are serious about wanting to learn more about The Standard Poodle. We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions, so put your feet up and read below:

The name, Pudel, (cognate with the English word puddle) originates with the Low German verb meaning “to splash about”. The Poodle was originally bred to be a water dog, actually catching fish, or a gun dog, for retrieving game. In France this breed is known as the caniche.  More info.


Standard Poodles come in a variety of recognized solid colors from black, blue, silver, white, cream, apricot, red, brown, silver-beige and the various degree of shading and multi-colored like parti, phantom, mismark, brindle, sable, abstract and tuxedo patterns.

Some of these colors are very hard to breed. Many colors are muddy and not clear. Many Poodle breeders do not know how to tell what color their puppies are and often times they are not coded or labeled with the correct color.

The AKC breed stand states that any size over 15 inches from the withers (shoulders). However, on an average males tend to be around 25 inches and females 23 inches. Operative word being AVERAGE. Though there is no such thing as a registered Royal or Giant Standard Poodle, many breeders use these terms to describe there poodles as being very large in size. The term, Moyen, again not a registered name, is used to describe a smaller Standard, but not a Miniature Poodle, which is over 10 inches and under 15 inches and is a registered name

Simply put, YES. However, they are often referred to as non-shedding (not a correct term) because they do not shed ‘out of coat’ and they usually tend to not loose as much hair as some dogs.

They tend not to have a “doggie smell.”


Since poodles do not shed ‘out of coat’, meaning their hair does not fly around, they are often referred to as non-allergenic. Allergies to dogs are usually one of two things: dander or saliva and urine. If breed properly and proper nutrition is maintained Poodles have little dander. And since their hair does not fly around neither does the dander. Keeping your Poodle clean can also keep allergies down.

Like any canine, your Poodle should be brushed, combed through and given a once over to look for any problems. However, a Standard Poodle needs to have a complete groom every 5/6 weeks. If you are not going to do your own grooming you will need to line up a good groomer. Most good groomers love to groom a poodle. Please read more about Grooming here.


Standard Poodles love a good run around the yard, ball throwing or good walk on a leash. They like to hike and swim. However, I want to emphasize that a puppy CANNOT be given too much exercise while growing. This can lead to much pain and growth problems, as well as problems down the way. Puppies should exercise “age appropriately”’.

NO! A Standard Poodle is People Orientated. This means they prosper by being around their People. They enjoy and thrive on human contact. If this human contact is not provided you will break the spirit of a poodle.


YES! They are considered one of the most intelligent canines ever. The amazing thing about Standard Poodles is that they are very sensitive to their human’s moods and feelings. If you have every been owned by a Standard Poodle, well… most owners of Standard Poodles will always want to be owned by a Standard Poodle. Read About Poodles.

This is a personal choice. However, your pick should be based on a matching personality of you or you and your family with a puppy.  How does the puppy fit in with you and your family, especially kids? The sex of the puppy should be your last consideration.  Why?

Most people have a huge misconception on sexes and personalities. Most feel a female is a sweet, loving dog who is a caretaker of puppies and children.

Well, that’s not always so! Female dogs are nice and they can be sweet or they can be quite independent; I like my girls and my girls like me.  I have sweet ones that wish to be near me and I have independent ones who think they should be in charge. I also have ones who are ‘stinkers’. I have some that come to me and get attention, and then they move away and are content to lie on the other side of the room.  Perhaps this matches your personality perfectly–maybe you want a dog that isn’t overly affectionate.

Or, perhaps, you would rather have one who wishes to be at your heel 24/7. Girls take training seriously, and most are very good at obedience.  Females can be alpha dogs just as easily as a male can.  Females can mark their territory just as much as males. Spayed females, of course, make a much better family pet than intact females do.

Boys tend to get a bad rap because you may have remembered or heard someone tell of  the neighbor’s disgusting unaltered male dog lifting his leg on every bush in the neighborhood and doing nasty “boy” things.  Male dogs that are intended to be family pets NEED to be neutered just like females need to be spayed. We suggest that you have this done around their first year of birth for males and around 6 months for girls.

When you do YOUR part, you have an absolutely wonderful family member. They usually squat to piddle, never develop any type of nasty habit and are extremely loving dogs.  Boys usually will stay near you.  He likes to be with his person, he likes to be loved on; he is “devoted” to you. Yes, he takes his training seriously.  But then he likes to have FUN, he likes to play in the yard–he doesn’t like to take life too seriously all the time!

So before you choose a dog based on its sex only, consider the other elements.  Are you the type of person who likes an independent dog, or one who prefers a dog that worships the ground you walk on? Of course there is the exception to every rule and the amount of time you spend with your puppy will make a huge difference in his or her personality.

Here at Poodle Mojo we bred for temperament, so whether you receive a male or female their temperament will be wonderful. At Poodle Mojo we put together your profile with our puppy’s profile and find you the ‘perfect match’.

YES! You puppy comes with a Spay/Neutered Contract.

Whether one may obtain Full Registration for either Show or Breeding is determined on an individual basis.

The average age is 12 to 14 years. This will depend on the care, nutrition and quality of life.

Most people have heard that one dog year equals seven human years. However, with recent research, we now know that a canine’s real age is not that simple.

We now know that canines mature more quickly than children in the first couple years. So the first year of a canine’s life is equal to about 15 human years rather than seven.

In fact the first two years of a canines life is equal to an average of  10.5 human years. So by two years, a canine is approximately 21 years.

After that, the average for each canine year is equal to approximately 4 human years. Although smaller canines tend to live longer than larger canines, they may mature more quickly in the first few years of life.

  • After the initial contact, you may have called or sent an email, we will ask you to fill out the Application for a Puppy.
  • We will then call you and interview you.
  • If you are approved for one of our puppies you will then be ask to send a deposit. Deposits are nonrefundable but they are transferable.
  • Then we will ask you to write a profile on yourself and your family. In this profile you will put anything and everything that you would want us to consider while finding your perfect puppy. However, remember that if you want a certain color, sex or look this will narrow down our choices. Rest assured we will do our best to meet your desires.
  • Once you have sent your deposit we will keep you up-to-date on the progress of your puppy. If you put a deposit on a future litter we will keep you up-to-date on our girls cycle. The whole process is so much fun. Those who miss part of the process, coming in at a later date often have said they wish they were in from the beginning.
  • We try our best to put pictures up weekly. We want you to be involved with watching the puppies grow.
  • We send out emails with much information so you will be ready and confident bringing your puppy home.

For a good breeder a litter of puppies is a 24/7 job. We watch them grow, develop personalities, interact with each other and their canine mom and aunties on a daily basis.

We watch reactions to noises, children, strangers, other canines both in their immediate pack and their extended canine pack.

We start our puppies out with Early Neurological Stimulation called the Bio Sensor program. This is a proven program to help make a difference in the puppy’s performance. Simply put this helps make smart puppies that grow up to be smart dogs. We see them at different times of the day or night, in different situations, in different environment, so no one knows each puppy’s temperament and personality better than we the persons responsible for its care for the first 8/9 weeks of its life.

All potential puppy buyers complete a buyer’s questionnaire which gives us basic information of lifestyle and what one is looking for in a puppy. Then, if accepted, each puppy buyer must write a profile on themselves and their family, if applicable.

Think about it, an active, young family is more likely to be looking for an outgoing, energetic, playful puppy that can keep up with a busy lifestyle, young children and perhaps travel. However, a retired or empty nest couple might be looking for a more laid back, just want to hang around or stroll a few blocks and then take an afternoon nap.

Then we have many of our puppy owners who want their puppy to grow up and be a Therapy or Service Canine. We know how to help any and all obtain that just right puppy.

I have experienced people come in and play with the puppy and choose one that they think would be the right puppy. What are their reasons? They are: I like their curl on top of it’s head; It looked at me first; It came to me first; I like his fat little tummy, etc.

Short visits are fun. And if we can fit a short visit in for you to meet and play with the puppies we will. However, realize that short visits, while fun, are not enough time for a true picture of each individual puppy’s personality or how it will fit into your household to shine through.

Depending on the time of day one may come in and think that one puppy is so laid back or another is so energetic. The truth may be totally opposite.

Why? The more energetic puppy may of just had a big romp and is now tired and ready to nap. While the so called active puppy may have just woke up and is ready to play. If we allow ones to pick based on a couple of hours interacting or watching the puppies we would do not only you but the puppies a disfavor.

All puppies have busy days and quiet days, good days and bad days. Why? They are PUPPIES!!!

We are with our puppies 24/7. We put our heart, soul and mind into raising a puppy. We are NOT a kennel. Our puppies are raised in our home under feet. They go from the whelping box, in our living room, to the weaning box, in our living room, to our kitchen under foot.

It is very important to us that each puppy is  matched with the right person/family. We want our puppies to be happy. We want YOU to enjoy your new puppy for many years to come.

For this to happen we need to make the best match possible between puppy and his new family, his new pack! The process we take very, very seriously.

This is our pleasure; this is our joy; this is why we do what we do. We WANT, we DESIRE you to feel that you have the PERFECT puppy.

We have been doing this for years. We have many, many, many happy canine owners. We still have puppy buyers from years ago send us emails to tell us how happy they are that they found us. We have repeat puppy buyers and we have a high rate of referrals from very satisfied puppy buyers.