Our Philosophy

There is so much more to training a dog than just teaching them to obey commands. There is a whole emotional side to training that encompasses far more than just automatic Pavlovian responses.

That is where we differ in our training approach. From the day they are born, PoodleMojo pups are raised in an environment of love and calm. Every waking hour they are exposed to human bonding experiences beyond those found with typical breeders.

The constant handling and soothing of our infants by our staff results in meticulously developing and nurturing their innate need to bond with their humans.

Then in Advanced Training, we hone this to perfection. We guide the dog to WANT to prove his devotion.

PoodleMojo Training makes the difference between a good dog and a great dog. The human/canine bond is a deeply rooted understanding, measured in emotion, dependability, and mutual support. That is the bedrock of our training and the foundation of the techniques we build on in Advanced Training.train-sit

Our Programs

Basic Fast Start Training is a two week program that starts at $2500.00 plus $5 daily food and supplements.

Advanced Training Program which is 4 weeks and starts at $4500.00 plus $5 daily food and supplements. This program can be tailored to your individual needs.

Puppy Training Program for those of you who live in South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina in what is referred to as the foot hills of the Smoky Mountains, a puppy training program can be tailored to meet your needs.  Cost will be determined according to individual needs and wants.

Tailored Puppy Training Program. Tell us what you want us to teach.