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Standard Poodle near Charleston, SC

Nature’s Best Kept Secret

Standard Poodles. Once you have a Poodle, everything else is just a dog.

Puppies are here!

Puppies Are Here!

The Best Poodle is a Trained Poodle

We know the time and energy that goes into proper training of a puppy.
Most people who request Trained Poodles appreciate that proper puppy development is crucial for a well balanced Poodle without behavioral problems.

We are Poodle Mojo

Our goal is to produce the best canine companion that has not just beauty, grace and poise, but also intellect, confidence and the ability to bond for life. 

Why Us?

So why would you want to consider us for buying your Standard Poodle? Simply put: We do it right!

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Why a Standard Poodle?

Once you live with one…well, you’ll never want another breed. But there are things, you must consider.

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Puppy Buying Etiquette

How does one go about purchasing a puppy? What is the proper Puppy Buying Etiquette?

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