Nature’s Best Kept Secret
Standard Poodles. Once you have a Poodle, everything else is just a dog.

Puppies Are Here!

Born March 17, 2024
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The Best Poodle is a Trained Poodle

We know the time and energy that goes into proper training of a puppy. Most people who request Trained Poodles appreciate that proper puppy development is crucial for a well balanced Poodle without behavioral problems.

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We are Poodle Mojo

Why Us?
So why would you want to consider us for buying your Standard Poodle? Simply put: We do it right!

Why a Standard Poodle?
Once you live with one…well, you’ll never want another breed. But there are things, you must consider.

Puppy Buying Etiquette
How does one go about purchasing a puppy? What is the proper Puppy Buying Etiquette?