Brandy can be summed up with one phrase: She is a Doll! She is fun. She loves to be love and cuddle. She is obedient. In fact with one Come command she is on her way no matter where she may be. She loves to play ball and just about any game one can come up with. She is a very happy girl.

Brandy comes from a wonderful pedigree. In fact her uncle, her mother’s brother, is one of my favorites who stole the 2014 Crufts Show and won BIS (Best in Show). Check out her pedigree below. (click on Poodle Data)

Poodle Data

Health Clearance:

  • Neonatal Encephalopathy (NEwS) – Cleared by Parentage
  • von Willebrand Disease (vWd) – Cleared by Parentage


  • Congenital Cardiac disease (Heart) – Normal
  • Thyroid Disease – Normal
  • Patellar Luxation –  Normal
  • Elbow Joints – Negative for elbow dysplasia
  • OFA Hip (prelim) – Good
  • PennHIP: Right DI – .45, Left DI – .43
    • Osteoarthritis (OA): None
    • Cavitation/Other Findings: None
  • CERF (Eyes) – PO-EYE5739/21F-PI