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Some Quick Puppy Food Recipes

These are recipes that you use with your dry dog food.

Quick Canine Oats and Eggs

1 c raw oats

4 large eggs

you can add fruit (the riper the better)

Recipe instructions: bring water to boil, you will need 2 cups water for every cup  of oats. Use regular oats, not quick. When water is boiling add oats and turn off heat. Let stand for 10 to 15 minutes. Add eggs. Then add fruit. Let cool before serving. If the oatmeal dish is to thick just add water.


Quick Basic Recipe 

(with things you have on hand and can make ahead and freeze)

12 cups oats

3 or 4 cans salmon or mackerel or cooked chicken breast (chopped)

2 cups green beans

(you can add other vegetables or fruit to this at any time)

For puppies feed twice a day use ½ cup dog food with 1/2 to 1 cup oatmeal mix. As the puppy grows increase the dog food. Usually by 5 months they are needing 2 to 3 cups dog food supplementing homemade food. When puppy is 1 year start to decrease dog food.

Basic Dog Recipe 

(instead of using canned dog food with your dry)

5 cup raw oats

or 2 ½ brown rice raw (you will need to cook)

3 lbs raw (or cooked) chicken or turkey or fish

¼ c oil 

2 cup vegetables (for example you can use can green beans, raw carrots, raw cabbage, can peas)

You can also add fruit. We like to keep canned pineapple, apple sauce and pumpkin on hand. We use fruit that is season otherwise. 

Canned pumpkin is a ‘must’ to keep on hand. If you notice loose stools, add pumpkin. If you notice hard stools, add pumpkin. Pumpkin is good to add when you need to cut down the food but you want your dog to feel full. Pumpkin is good for so many things.

We also like to keep banana on hand. Most stores have Manager Specials on banana. Big bag for a good price.

Vary by using beef, goat, chicken, turkey (we like to use organic) canned salmon or mackerel with potatoes, sweet potatoes and different vegetables.

As your puppy grows consider adding raw meat to its diet. We usually start this in the 15/16 week. We start with a chicken wing. (Always make sure bones are raw. NEVER give your dog cooked bones. Dogs cannot digest cooked bones. However, raw bones they can digest and they are actually good for your canine friend.) We then like to add a beef soup bone. 

We use TLC Whole Life Dog food, not the Puppy food. Order from here and receive $5 off:

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A great book to read that was recommended by my canine nutrition counselor is: Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health For Dogs & Cats. We recommend volume 3.