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Poodle Mojo’s Favorite Products for Standard Poodles

Fully Washable Pet Bed!

We have used and recommend The Wash ‘n Zip Pet Bed.  This bed is unlike any other dog bed we’ve seen for these reasons:

  • Easily and entirely launderable
  • Multiple uses (dog bed, crate pad, furniture throw, blanket, car seat cover)
  • No annoying cover to remove…just unzip and throw in the washer
  • Aids with flea & odor prevention
  • Good value for the price

We HIGHLY recommend considering their Puppy Proofer to help deter your pup from the temptation of gnawing on the zipper and bed corners.

Here is the link to their website where you will see a 1-minute video of how the Wash ‘n Zip works:

You can read dozens of customer testimonials at:

The owners/inventors, Stan and Jennifer, have provided our clients a special 15% discount code to use…enter MOJO in the coupon code box of their website shopping cart, or they are happy to take your order over the phone (407-454-1167).   They donate $5 to rescue groups for each bed purchase and are a small home-based family business!

Dexter Crates

Dexter Crates

Crates can be either an eye sore OR a piece of art. More and more owners of dogs would like the crate to be a piece of furniture or make a statement of interest or beauty. We think Dexter’s crates are the top of the line.

While you may enjoy the beauty of an artistic crate or even a plain crate what is most important to your Poodle is having a bed that will take care of his joints for life.

Big Barker Crate Beds



If your dog spends any time in a crate each week – and especially if he or she spends LOTS of time crated – then your choice of crate pad becomes an investment of critical importance to both you and your dog.

Imagine laying with just a bath mat between you and a rock-hard tile floor below… for hours at a time… week after week… month after month…

The bottom of a crate may be the hardest and most jarring surface your dog’s hips and elbows could ever come into contact with.

So naturally, a crate pad that provides inadequate cushioning from all the nastiness below… clearly puts their delicate joints in danger.

Using the same expert foam engineering that’s the unique hallmark of our best-selling beds, we’ve crafted a crate pad that deeply cushions your dog’s elbows, hips and pressure points from the hard metal and plastic below.

To craft this one-of-a-kind crate pad we use the same premium American-made orthopedic foam you’ll find in our top, 5-star rated Big Barker dog beds.

Our Certi-PUR US® certified foam is specifically calibrated to contour and mold perfectly to your dog’s body, giving necessary protection from joint pain, hip and elbow dysplasia & arthritis.

Here at Poodle Mojo we have been using Big Barker Crate Pads for near on ten years. We still have our first crate pad. We have tried other companies but none compare to Big Barker. Plus their customer service is absolutely the best!

Visit Big Barker and learn more about these fantastic crate pads and their incredible beds.

What an awesome product! We have tried other beds, however, this bed is what my  Standard Poodles love. The cover is durable and well made! Shipping was quick and the packaging was super! Customer support is like no other!