Our Philosophy
There is so much more to training a dog than just teaching them the obey commands. There is a whole emotional side to training that encompasses far more than just automatic Pavlovian responses.That is where we differ in our training approach. From the day they are born, PoodleMojo puppies are raised in an environment of love and calm. Every waking hour they are exposed to human and canine experiences beyond those found with typical breeders.The constant handling and soothing of our infants by our staff results in meticulously developing and nurturing their innate need to bond with their humans.Then in Advanced Training, we hone this to perfection. We guide the dog to WANT to prove his devotion.PoodleMojo Training makes the difference between a good dog and a great dog. The human/canine bond is a deeply rooted understanding, measured in emotion, dependability, and mutual support. That is the bedrock of our training and the foundation of the techniques we build on in Advanced Training.

Our Programs
Basic Training is a two week program that starts at $1500.00 plus $5 daily food and supplements.Advance Training is 4 weeks and starts at $3000.00 plus $5 daily food and supplements. This program elaberates on Basic Training and adds challenges to enhance skills.Custom Training is for those who wish to continue the training course to cover custom needs. A puppy training program can be tailored to meet your needs.  Cost will be determined according to individual needs and wants.

Middle School
Middle School is the next level of training for pups eightto 12 weeks old. Even though every Poodle Mojo puppy is worked with for anaverage of 250 hours, no puppy is ever perfect. Our Middle School is anotherintense 2 weeks where each section of training (House Training, ObedienceTraining, Socialization Training & Outside Training) is reinforced daily. The extra schooling gives the puppies extra weeks tomature, solidify each command, be even more potty-trained and grow emotionallyand mentally stronger. Every puppy has a different “light bulb” moment when thepup realizes it is being trained. Once that happens we see enormous growth intheir training. An average Standard Poodle will have that moment when they arearound 10-12 weeks old. This usually makes the additional 2weeks of trainingin Middle School crucial for pups to retain all the commands they have learned.

High School
We stress four main areas of training: Distraction Training – we continue to do the detailedtraining that is outlined in Middle School with the addition of distractions.This reinforces all the commands so they can be recalled throughout the life ofthe puppy. It also makes the transition period much smoother between the newowner and Poodle Mojo.“Stay” Training–  Agood Middle School graduate will hold “stay” for 5 seconds. A good High Schoolgraduate will hold “stay” for 10 seconds and often up to an average of 30seconds. Consistency and maturity are the key. We train each puppy to hold“stay” longer and longer every day. As they mature (there is a BIG differencein a 5 month old puppy’s maturity) then they are able and willing to “stay”longer. “Come” Training–“Come” is the most difficult of all the commands but perhaps the mostimportant. A puppy learns “come” at a young age (usually around 8 weeks old). Acommon problem typically occurs around 10-14 weeks of age….they don’t WANT tocome. They understand the command but they start to develop a will, especiallyif there’s something they are more interested in like a stick, caterpillar or atasty meal of grass, and they won’t come. Like our extended “stay” training,pups in Master’s Program are trained to come over longer and longer distances.With consistency and maturity a puppy will mostly outgrow their strong will andhappily run to us…with a lot of bribery!Extensive Socialization– Every week, our High School pupscome in contact with dozens of people a week. We take the pups on field tripsevery week and also have many people coming in and out of the house because ofbusiness, church and friends/family.

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