5 Important Tips for Canine Nutrition

There is so much information regarding canine nutrition, it is impossible to sort through it all. Much of it is contradictory and confusing.

So what is the best canine nutrition? Let me help unmuddy the waters. As a full-time professional breeder, I know first-hand what is essential and what is propaganda. I owe my allegiance only to the dogs, am not trying to sell anything, and have years of seeing what actually does work.

Here are my list of Top 5 Tips:

  • First you could make and feed your dog a well balanced raw food diet. What do I mean by that? Well, you can feed them raw meat, fresh vegetables and grains. (You can have the whole chicken ground so the bones and gizzard, heart and liver are included. You can also do this with beef, goat, and turkey.)
  • Second, if the raw meat is hard for you to handle, you can feed them cooked meat with fresh vegetables and grains. However, NEVER feed them cooked bones! Canned Salmon and Mackerel are excellent additions for canine diets!
  • Third, if you do not like cooking or your time is limited, you can buy dehydrated, freeze dried or frozen products (but caution: not all are created equal.)
  • Fourth, if you have to resort to dry kibble at least add canned food and water to the meal. Better yet, make your own ‘chicken soup’ or ‘beef stew’ to add to your dry kibble.

Poodle Mojo actually implement both raw and cooked meat. Making our own “Canned” foods help us control all ingredience. We have many different homemade formulas, however, we do keep Life’s Abundance canned food on hand in case of emergencies or for our pet sitter for the rare occasions we are able to take a couple of days off.

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